Our Mission

The human world faces many challenges in the 21st century and the need for global and regional solutions has never been more urgent.

EAF is a forum which provides space for key democratic stakeholders on both continents to come together to articulate and share ideas on topical issues. In so doing they will gain clarity and understanding on matters of mutual interest and become better able to create solutions on a national, bilateral and multilateral scale.

By bringing together the democracies of Asia and Europe we explore convergence of concepts and synergies of interest, thus developing a cooperative approach on strategies aimed at creating mutual beneficial development. Our stakeholders will include people and organisations from democratic politics, business, academia and civil society.

We believe that the sharing of ideas in the context of enhanced diplomatic and cultural relations will ultimately contribute to the emancipation of the people of both of our continents.

EAF will advocate considered policies and courses of action based on our experience, discussions and high quality research, and in the context of our mission.


What We Do

Support & Guidance

We provide intelligence, advice and introductions to aid partners with navigating European political institutions. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality for our partners. 

Round tables, seminars 
and conferences

We bring together, online or in person, experts, practitioners, democratic representatives and other interested parties from both continents to explore ideas pertinent to selected global and regional issues of the day. Such focused events will happen on an occasional basis with an inclusive structure, with well-defined and mutually beneficial outputs and follow-up.

Detail of the subject matter to be explored will be influenced initially by the organisation’s advisory board.

Our activities include conferences and seminars on an appropriate scale and format, with full covid security where necessary.

e-Newsletters and online content

We aim to complement these focused events with stimulating online content contributed by members and supporters and to maintain ongoing and cohesive engagement through a regular e-newsletter. Our fellows and associates advise on specific policy areas and contribute to position papers, event design and media advocacy campaigns.

We are open to working in alliances and partnerships with like-minded organisations.

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We will announce specific content of events in due course. A virtual round table on Co-operation on Green Energy was held in December 2020.